Luís Pina

Varan - Multi-version execution

With the widespread availability of multi-core processors, running multiple diversified variants or several different versions of an application in parallel is becoming a viable approach for increasing the reliability and security of software systems. The key component of such N-version execution (NVX) systems is a runtime monitor that enables the execution of multiple versions in parallel.

Unfortunately, existing monitors impose either a large performance overhead and/or rely on intrusive kernel-level changes. Moreover, none of the existing solutions scales well with the number of versions, since the runtime monitor acts as a performance bottleneck.

Varan is an NVX framework that combines selective binary rewriting with a novel event-streaming architecture to significantly reduce performance overhead and scale well with the number of versions, without relying on intrusive kernel modifications.



[1] Towards Deployment-Time Dynamic Analysis of Server Applications. Luís Pina and Cristian Cadar. In Proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis (WODA), October, 2015. Extended abstract.